How to compile .cl file that contains inline assembly for GCN cards?

Discussion created by fancyix on Aug 22, 2018
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There are some examples of inline assembly inside .cl file:

LLVM-AMDGPU-Assembler-Extra/ at master · ROCm-Developer-Tools/LLVM-AMDGPU-Assembler-Extra · GitHu…

gatelessgate/ at master · zawawawa/gatelessgate · GitHub

But I cannot find a way how they can be compiled.


There is some guide:

HIP/samples/2_Cookbook/10_inline_asm at master · ROCm-Developer-Tools/HIP · GitHub

But it's not clear how exactly to compile .cl files with inline asm.


There was some discussion about inline asm in OpenCL:

Inline assembly on OpenCL

But I think that's obsolete.


P.S. I use amdgpu pro driver. All the articles I found are talking about rocm develop tools. Can I compile with rocm compiler and run it with amdgpu pro driver?


Also, if I can transform opencl with inline asm into isa file and then compile isa with pure asm compiler, it will also work for me.