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    RX480 upgrade


      I want to update my video card but I don't know which one to pick I kinda debating between RX580 and Vega 65 .R580 is around 400 $ and Vega 65 is around 600 $ and I don't know which one to pick to at list get 60 FPS on max setting for 5 years. My max range is 700 $ AKA Tax return .  which one do you think it will work best for me ?


      1. I don't have plan to use 4k monitors

      2. I usually want to enjoy my game and I don't like expensive items

      3. I don't want to change my CPU or RAM




      my system is


      AMD Ryzen 7 1700

      Gigabyte Aorus GA-Ax370 gaming 5

      Gigabyte Rx460 Windforce OC 4GB GDD5

      Kingston HuperX Fury 1x16GB DDR4 2133MHZ

      WD Blue 4TB 5400 RPM

      Cooler master Master box pro 5 mid tower

      EVGA 750 B3 80+ Bronze 750W

      HP pavilion 21.5 inch ips LED 1080  1920x1080

      Win 10 pro

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          There is no card currently at that price point, or really any price point, that will guarantee 60fps at max settings for five years, even the GTX 1080Ti can't put up a solid 60fps in all games at 1920x1080 at full max details. Honestly your best bet is to buy an XBOX or Playstation.

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              How about high setting for 3 years ?

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                  That means different things to different games, plus now is decidedly not the time to buy a new video card. The market is still recovering from the cryptocurrency boom and memory shortage, so prices are still inflated, plus nVidia is set to release their new high end cards soon, which will be priced above the existing 1000 series, as AMD will have no competition for at least a year. If the RX480 is still getting you good frame rates, I'd stick with it for now, wait and see what happens come the holiday sales.

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                If you are on 1080p then an RX 580 is good for any current titles. This card even does well at 1440p but will dip into the mid 40's with some new AAA titles on Ultra but is still perfectly playable. It really depends on your standards and needs. I can't speak to Vega as I never had one.