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RX480 upgrade

Question asked by taskforce131 on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by pokester

I want to update my video card but I don't know which one to pick I kinda debating between RX580 and Vega 65 .R580 is around 400 $ and Vega 65 is around 600 $ and I don't know which one to pick to at list get 60 FPS on max setting for 5 years. My max range is 700 $ AKA Tax return .  which one do you think it will work best for me ?


1. I don't have plan to use 4k monitors

2. I usually want to enjoy my game and I don't like expensive items

3. I don't want to change my CPU or RAM




my system is


AMD Ryzen 7 1700

Gigabyte Aorus GA-Ax370 gaming 5

Gigabyte Rx460 Windforce OC 4GB GDD5

Kingston HuperX Fury 1x16GB DDR4 2133MHZ

WD Blue 4TB 5400 RPM

Cooler master Master box pro 5 mid tower

EVGA 750 B3 80+ Bronze 750W

HP pavilion 21.5 inch ips LED 1080  1920x1080

Win 10 pro