Mouse lag with AMD Radeon 18.8.1 and past few driver releases

Discussion created by pvcdroid on Aug 8, 2018
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I wanted to create a new thread since the following fix for mouse lag that many are suffering from after new releases of Radeon:


This was posted by WICKEX in another thread. Turning off the HDCP Override switch in settings>display>specs>override resolves the aggravating stutter and lag many of us are experiencing over the past few months and since the 18.5.1 release. Kudos to this user for finding a solution. It affects RX480 and RX580 users.


I finally found a solution that fixed it for me!!


To start off, I have three displays. My main monitor is connected via HDMI, my second monitor via DVI, and my third via VGA -> DisplayPort. I have an RX 470.


I was on 18.5.1 first and updated to 18.8.1 to see if the issue was fixed, but it wasn't. I then started experimenting with my displays and discovered that when I would disconnect my second monitor that was connected via DVI, the issue was gone. When taking the HDMI-cable out of my main monitor and plugging it into the second monitor so it was connected again, but with a different connection type, the issue came back. In other words, it looks like the combination of the drivers and that specific display was causing the issue for me.


I then started experimenting. When disabling the monitor in my software with the cables still attached, the issue was also gone. Then, I discovered the steps that fixed the issue for me. I did the following:


- I opened my AMD Radeon Settings

- I went to the Display tab and went to the display that was causing the issues

- I pressed the 'Specs' button

- I went to the Override tab

- I disabled HDCP Support


I have no idea what it is, but after disabling it, my issue was resolved.


I hope this helps someone!