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Lower FPS than 480

Question asked by zyve on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by zyve

Hey guys my computer broke around 5 months ago and it was working fine it only broke because it fell a little but so now we found the problem to be the graphics card and power supply and my graphics card was the rx 480 but ever since we got the computer repaired(we swapped out the graphics card with the xfx amd radeon rx gts 580 gts black eddition 8gb and then we also swapped out the power supply for the EVGA 850W modular BQ power supply - Black) the fps has been lower than usual, like i get lots of fps spikes in games so i tried wiping my computer and even still after that it stayed the same and i have no idea what could be the problem other that the graphics card but idk what to do is there anyway of telling what could be wrong with my computer?(Btw the driver version i have installed is 18.5.1)