How to remove Amd chipset drivers?

Discussion created by amdnovice on Jul 31, 2018

I am trying to figure out how to remove the Optional chipset driver download for the ryzen 5 2400g named "amd-chipset-drivers18.10.c.0601".


I recently reverted back to 18.5.1 from 18.7.1 because I thought my PC ran a little better on 18.5.1.  When I did this I uninstalled my current AMD drivers by going to the Add/Remove program section of Windows 10 and removed it and replaced it with 18.5.1.  after doing that I also decided I would try the optional chipset drivers to see if that improved performance.  It did not.  I know it sounds like I really splitting hairs but.  I did a cinebench run after installing each driver and with 18.7.1 I got 859 with 18.5.1 I got 857 and with 18.5.1 with the new chipset drivers my Cinebench score dropped down to 849.  I ran the test a few times with each driver.  The reason I wanted to go back to 18.5.1 was because 18.7.1 seems to sacrifice a little bit of stability in games for the fps gains.  18.5.1 doesn't get the highest score on cinebench but over all seems to be more consistent.


However, with 18.5.1 plus the Amd optional chipset driver games seem to run noticeably sluggish.  So, I wanted to remove the chipset driver.


I did try to remove it just by doing what I did previously.  Going to add/remove programs and removing it from there.  But, I does not appear to have worked.  Cinebench scores are still on the low side.  Also it still shows up in the Radeon Settings > Systems page.  Also another thing I can not explain is before I installed the new chipset drivers on the Radeon Settings>system pages under core clock the number would have been 1251.  after I installed the new chipset drivers it says 201 and since I uninstalled and reinstalled it has not changed.  So, I am kind of scratching my head here and I do not want to reinstall windows to get it back to normal.  I just reinstalled windows a couple weeks ago and I do not want to do it all again.