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        Wasn't aware of this tool since Google doesn't mention it when installing the browser or in settings. Probably explains the high CPU usage I get at times when running Chrome.


        Followed the directions on the link and removed all Permissions from that particular folder.


        Hopefully it won't cause any unforeseen problems with Chrome or Windows after being disabled.

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          I tried this and it didn't work. Chrome was still able to access the directory and run its intrusive program.

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              Chrome is not my main browser, I have it's auto updates blocked, and various privacy reporting settings off.

              I just manually updated it, the settings did not change.

              Guess i'll wait and see what happens over the next week(it supposedly runs weekly ?).

              There are a few threads about it on 'tenforums.com' (with some other suggested possible workarounds).

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                  I have used Opera in place of Chrome for a few years now. I also use Firefox. Can't say as I want any company scanning the contents of my drive the reporting back. I have to disable this behavior in Windows itself. They all act like it doesn't impact things much, but when several programs start doing it, the resources really add up! I forgot the numbers I read in an article but it figured how much money the MS telemetry was costing a corporation. It was astounding the numbers they figured.

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                  Actually, I did end up disabling it. I didn't realize there were two SwReporter folders. One is at C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Google\ This folder is empty but it's probably best to block access anyway. The other one is in C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome This is the one that needs to be disabled. However, blocking it alone doesn't work. You have to delete the contents and then block. Then it will work.


                  When you update Chrome you'll probably have to do it again.  I have disabled auto updates from these instructions here...


                  How to Stop Automatic Chrome Updates in Windows

                  Chrome is not my main browser


                  I've tried very hard to end my Chrome dependency but I can't. Firefox on my main computer with SSD and i7-4790 runs pretty good. It's not quite as fast as Chrome but it's close. But on my other, slower computer with HDD (and i3 processor) Firefox runs much slower, and really slow on certain sites like ebay. However Chrome on my slower PC runs very well.