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Fall of the FPS 10-50 times after the driver installation in 2D GDI mode

Question asked by radeongamer on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by pokester

I was advised to use GLUT and now I go to a new level of video demonstrations - not just high-quality (lags / not lags), but quantitative (in FPS).


A classic theme without a Radeon driver (Standard VGA Graphics Adapter).

Desktop: FPS = 850-900

Viewing the Spectrum foobar2000:  FPS = 800-850

Scaling in P-CAD: FPS = 750-850


A classic theme with the Radeon driver installed.

Desktop: FPS = 1050-1200

Viewing the Spectrum foobar2000:   FPS = 35-50

Scaling in P-CAD:  FPS = 10-1050 (huge drawdowns from 1050 to 7-12 FPS)



For 2D mode, "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" works 10-50 times faster, than the radeon driver!


Video demonstrations will be!