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2700X + Asus Prime X470-Pro => random and weird black screen

Question asked by creatie on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by germes

I built a new PC as below config last month and it started my nightmare.



The PC randomly black screen in low CPU usage and NO related errors in event views (it only shows "power off unexpected", "dump fail" etc.).



At the beginning, I thought it was caused by overclock. I disabled all overclock options in bios and win10, even Cool & Quiet, set performance bias to None or Auto. I used aida64, OCCT, Furmark, memtest, Fritz Chess, etc. to test for hours and days, NO black screen.



But when I start to use it with low workload (internet browsing, listening music, downloading, etc.) daily, it occurred black screen again.

Sometimes several times in one hour, sometimes one or two times in days.



And when the black screen occurs, I can PING that PC successfully and read the files/folders shared by that PC from another laptop/pc; it seems I can't remote desktop to that PC when black screen. Keyboard, mouse is dead (Caps Lock light didn't on / off when you press); no signal to TV or monitor, CPU fans and VGA, motherboard, chassis fans work as normal.

I can't reset the PC by press the RESET on chassis (it works when PC working normally), I only can press the POWER button for 3 seconds to power off the PC. And after I re-power on the PC, sometimes it ask you to enter BIOS.


I almost try to change every settings in the BIOS to test, I didn't install AI Suite, any RGB software on my PC, no start HW monitoring tools.Tried ultimate power plan, ryzen power plan, performance power plan, no timers for sleep...... I try to set everything I could figure out. Sometimes I even believe I fixed it after using it without black screen for day, then it black screen again.


The video card is from my another PC. It works well on that one for years. Memory is tested on other PC, no issue.


I've RMAed the RAM.

And tested them,


if I enable 'virtual memory'/"paging file" in win10 , and start eight HCI memtest (each 2048MB), one of them will find huge amounts of erros, when mentest just starts.

if disable 'virtual memory'/"paging file" in win10, ans start HCI memtest to test as more as they can (around 15GB), no erros , BUT it will black screen sometimes.

use memtest86 test in DOS, no erros.



Shall I RMA the CPU ??? Is it a problem of IMC of ryzen???



My build:

AMD Ryzen 2700x

Prime X470 pro BIOS 4011 / 4008

g.skill f4-3200c16d-16gtzr

AMD R9 370 4G HDMI to TV, DP to monitor

Win 10 Pro x64