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    VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE ~ Atikmpag.sys | with Ryzen APU'S (Ryzen 5 2400G + Ryzen 3 2200G)




      TDR stands for Timeout, Detection, and Recovery components in Windows.

      It’s supposed to be there to help stop BSODs by resetting the GPU and/or driver when there’s an issue of long delay.


      ~ Seems to be a rampant issue with a quick search through the AMD forums


      The problem here is with the GPU drivers. They haven't been fixed since the day these APUs came out. They cause BSODs, slow OpenGL performance, visual distortion, and full on crashes requiring shutdown via reset button or holding the power button.


      Here's all the random possible solutions I've come across:  (FYI IT'S STILL NOT FIXED)




      - Lower OC RAM speeds to 2133 MHz     --> Still Crashing

      - Increase voltage a little to RAM + CPU (1.2 V)

      - Turn off Cool N Quiet --> Still Crashing

      - Turn off Core Perf Boost and Global C-State

      - Turn off auto-voltage for CPU since it can cause spikes in voltage  --> Still Crashing

      - Increased VRAM to 2 GB --> Still Crashing




      - Replace your Memory Modules with something on your Mobo QVL List




      - Uninstall all previous drivers with DDU

      - Install AMD Chipset Drivers under the 'Optional Downloads' tab. --> Ryzen Desktop APU's

      - Install AMD GPU Drivers under the Main Tab  --> Ryzen Desktop APU's


      --> Still Crashing


      List of other drivers that may be good or bad...


      - Wi-Fi Driver

      - LAN Driver ~ One user said he uninstalled this and the bsods went away

      - Realtek Audio Drivers


      --> Still Crashing


      Windows 10:


      - Modify registry entry to increase GPU processing time [1] & [2]    --> Still Crashing

      - Fixed when I selected 8bit (adjusted from 10bit) color in Radeon Settings.Even better when I selected 4:2:2 in HDMI output.

      - Boot into a clean boot state (AMD Support through email told me to do this) --> Still Crashing


      - Noticed in Event Viewer that before every Kernel-Power BSOD there was 'EnhancedStorage-EhStorTcgDrv' which could be a problem with the crucial SSD I'm using. Not sure if other AMD Ryzen APU users are having the same issue.