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    ryzen 7 2700x restarts or black screen


      Hi! Y have Ryzen 7 2700x with automatic OC from the AMD boost, reaching 1.49V. sometimes, my computer restarts, it does not matter if I'm playing or the computer is on the desk doing nothing, sometimes it restarts or it stays on a black screen and I have to turn off the power and turn it on again.


      My setup(bought a week ago):

      - Ryzen 7 2700x

      - Asus rog strix X470-F

      - EVGA SuperNOVA G3 750

      - G. Skill FlareX DDR4 3200 16GB (8GBx2)

      - SSD Samsung 500GB

      - HDD 1.5TB

      - Liquid refrigeration Alphacool CPU Eisbaer 360


      I'm running the RAM at 3200Mhz. U think the problem is the Voltage from the proccesor, 3200Mhz RAM or? The PSU is new two days ago and motherboard a week ago. What can I do? When I'm on Prime95 with stress test it works, but when I play or I'm afk the computer restarts or black screen, on Windows Event View It says always Kernel-Power id 41 Category 64, on details all is 0.


      Need some help, thx.

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          jaumes, please look in the "C:\Windows\Minidump" folder and if there are any files, please compress the folder and attach it here.  How does your system work with NO OCing?  I would suggest you go into your UEFI and Load UEFI Defaults, or do a Clear CMOS according to your MB manual.  What OS are you running?  What slots are your memory sticks in?  Please make sure they are both securely and fully inserted.  I had a similar problem on my 1800X (no OC) which turned out to be a bad memory slot (MB RMA).  My system would hang (not crash) when doing nothing.  Enjoy, John.

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              I don't have "Minidump" fonder in C:\Windows so I assume that no file has been generated. I do not quite understand what you mean without OC, I didn't manual OC, only installed motherboard, ryzen cpu, etc etc and installed windows, only changed to 3200Mhz memory. The boost is from Precision Boost 2, which is automatically activated without doing anything. Now im testing with AMD Ryzen Master using fixed 1.35V and 3.9Mhz to all cores and stress test with Prime95, It has been about two hours and nothing has happened, but as I say it does not happen when CPU uses more power, is random.


              I'm running Windows 10 Pro version, fully patched and licensed. Clean installation after installing all hardware. Ram is fully inserted.


              But my system not hang, my system restart, without error, blue screen, nothing, it's like u disconnect power and turn another time, computer restart without any apparent sign. Or my system turn black screen (two cause I have two screens) and it stops working, and can't restart with power button on case, have to stop the power or disconnect cable and turn on another time.


              I don't know what can I do, all is up to date and I have not changed anything that could affect.


              Thanks for your help.

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                  Thanks, jaumes.  OK, I forgot to think about Precision Boost 2, but I still want you to either Clear CMOS or Load UEFI Defaults and run for a day or two or until crash.  What slots are your memory sticks in?  I am running W10 Pro x64 and have a "C:\Windows\Minidump", although it is empty.  What version of W10 do you have: Command Prompt-winver.


                  Please set your "System failure" settings as mine are set.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

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                      I have the same issue and also have no minidumps. I did just change my settings to match your's, before it was on automatic dumps and there were no files for any dumps. I have tried a CMOS reset and have also swapped out my ram for a new set. I also changed them from being in B1/B2 to A1/A2 and it seemed to decrease in frequency but hasn't gone away. If you need the full specs of my computer then I can post them but I do not have time at the moment. I have also run Memtest on my RAM and it completes successfully. All issues seem to have no correlation to system stress or power draw from the PSU.