GRC Inspectre program advises if your computer is Meltdown/Spectre protected

Discussion created by elstaci on Jul 13, 2018
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Very small program to run. It will let you know immediately if your computer is protected from the Meltdown/Spectre virus flaw.  You can download it from here : GRC | InSpectre 


also download the "Samples.zip" file to show you the Exit Codes from Inspectre:


Copied for above link concerning the Zip file:

This zip archive: “InSpectre-Probe-Samples.zip” contains sample batch file and powershell script files for capturing InSpectre's exitcode. Note that an exitcode is not a “printed” output from the program—it won't be printed onto a command console. It is a value that can be obtained by another script or program which executes the program after it terminates.


I ran the program and used the Powershell sample to get my Exit Codes. The regular .BAT files didn't work for me. Here is what it looks like after running both programs: