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    How to use ADL OverDrive Next API?


      Hi, all have a quastion about ADL.

      I need to get GPU temperature and I confused about API. For this purpose ADL has 3 diffent API version:

      - ADL2_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get

      - ADL2_Overdrive6_Temperature_Get

      - ADL2_OverdriveN_Temperature_Get

      I found than in samples appropriate function used based on the version which returns function:

      int  ADL2_Overdrive_Caps (ADL_CONTEXT_HANDLE context, int iAdapterIndex, int *iSupported, int *iEnabled, int *iVersion).

      What means last parameter exectly and why this 3 different API exist?


      My guess, according to Radeon wiki page Radeon - Wikipedia  exist three GPU generations, and last generation calls Graphics Core Next-family (as well as OverDrive Next API !).

      So API5 exist for Fixed-pipeline family, API6 for TeraScale-family, API Next for Graphics Core Next-family.

      Or OverDrive Next API exist like unversion API which better don't use and which could be changed in future.


      Please help...