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What to do when tech support wont work? HELP!

Question asked by amdfreak01 on Jul 12, 2018
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I have no idea what to do at this point and no real clue where to post this, so ill start here. Ive tried posting this topic in the Drivers/Software forums, and have no real authoritative answers yet.


This is the topic in case anyone wants to see it:


However, this topic is in relation to AMD's inability to even answer my basic tech support ticket. When i opened an official tech support request this is what i got in response:


This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting AMD Global Customer Care.

We have created a Customer Care Support account based on the details you submitted with your service request.

A separate email containing your service request reference number will follow.

Thank you for choosing AMD!

Best regards,

AMD Global Customer Care



I sent this 11 days ago. Supposedly this is the highest level of "tech support"? So far i have receive NO SEPARATE EMAIL with a request reference number. Does anyone else know of a PHONE NUMBER I can try to reach an actual person? Should i resubmit a ticket explaining the problem?


IM at a loss for what i can do right now. I can't upgrade to the newest drivers w/o losing the VSR resolutions i need to keep playing games without purchasing a brand new video card  (Which i dont have the money for because of all the stupid coin mining nonsense). At the very least i can very possibly sell my RX 580 and get an NVIDIA 1070 (not sure i can even afford that ATM, and i shouldn't have to even consider it), or 1060. That, AT LEAST would solve my problem. So far, from what ive seen, NVIDIAs driver customization is 1000000% better than AMD will ever be. They promised to provide scalable resolutions up to a max 3 years ago! This is unacceptable! Its not even HARD TO DO! I Can do it myself for cryin out loud! I have been for the past 3 years!


At this point i am not happy with AMD and will probably be buying NVIDIA exclusively. Which is too bad because i have purchased AMD exclusively for the past several years. They lose business. No real loss im sure. They dont care much about their user base apparently. But what else can i do? What happened to the competitive spirit? Nvidia offers their users INFINITELY greater support and customization than AMD does.