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    Blue-Leader SMP 2009



      This is my Minecraft server and secondary gaming workstation, I also use it to render raw avi's to MPeg4 with AC3 sound of self made ingame video's or recorded footage I made of Boeing 747's or other cool stuff

      Here some pics of this beauty I was watching "Tiësto in Concert - Gelre Dome Arnhem (Directors Cut - May 10, 2003)" Fantastic concert, when Tiësto was at his best!

      Fury Nitro & Tiesto.jpg

      Blue Leader with R9 Fury.jpg

      Nitro in Blue & White.jpg


      Here the wallpaper I am using of an Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-144D with the registration: CCCP-77115
      Tu-144 FTW1920.png




      CPU2x Six-Core AMD OpteronDP 2435 D0 Istanbul CPU's, 12x 2.6Ghz, 2x 3MB L2, 2x 6MB L3
      Cooler2x ASUS Triton 70 for Socket 939/F with 1x 92mm x 92mm x25mm fans
      MotherboardSupermicro H8DAE-2 with NVIDIA NForce 3600 Pro, MCP 550 Pro & IO55
      Memory8x 4GB PC2-6400 ECC Reg Kingston / HP-Micron | 32GB NUMA Dual Channel DDR2-800 ECC Reg
      GraphicsSapphire Nitro+ OC AMD Radeon R9 Fury PCI-E 4GB 4096Bit HBM
      Disc Drive 11x Intel 320 SSD 120GB/64MB Cache Boot Disk
      Disc Drive 24x Western Digital 500GB/32MB Cache Raid Edition3 24/7 Series in RAID 0 1.81TB Storage Disk
      PSUAntec True Power Quatto 1000 Watt EPS12V + 2.3V
      CaseLian Li PC-A7010 Black Server Case With Lian Li W-75BP Side Window Panel
      MonitorHewlett Packard ZR24w 24" S-IPS Panel - 16:10 Aspect Ratio - Max Resolution: 1920 x 1200 x32 @ 60 Hertz