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RAIDXpert2 adding a single "volume" drive

Question asked by user00 on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2018 by user00

I'm trying to add a single stand alone SSD drive as a second array and every time Windows boots - I get the circle of lights - and nothing.  When I reboot I get the Windows diagnostic repair which does nothing.  If I unplug the drive, then Windows boots fine.  I suspect it's my particular config, but didn't know if I was overlooking something obvious.


MSI x470 Gaming Pro (latest BIOS - 05/18)

Windows 10 v1803 (clean install)

Boot drive:   NVMe drive

RAID Mode:  4x2TB Drives in RAID 10

MB has 6 total SATA ports and these drives are the only thing plugged into it.

BIOS Utility sees the extra drive and is able to create the additional array and initialize the drive (250GB Samsung 850 EVO) as "Volume."


I have another PCI SATA card and if the drive is plugged into it - no problems with boot and Windows sees the drive just fine.

No issues with installing the RAIDXpert2 utility and if I reboot when the drive is unplugged it sees the "missing" array - just like BIOS does.


Is the RAID mode causing the problem - and it won't work unless I add another drive for a second RAID?