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    Ryzen 2700x boost mode



      i got some problem and thinking about is it hardware problem or something else. The problem i had is that i bought new PC to videoeditting, and tried to make some movies but when i throw some 4K videofiles on timeline and try to play it back i got PC crash, all freeze and had to reboot whole system. From the beginning i enable boost mode to 4.2GHz. First i though its Premiere Pro problem but it wasn't. I just tried to run cinebench and in test i got the same result - PC crash. I understand that PC got stuck when have to do multiple tasks. I disable boost mode and on 3.7GHz it works very well. And now is my question, is it normal that this PC crash on boost mode? or i have bad one sample?

      My PC is Ryzen 2700x+MSI x470 Gaming Pro Carbon AC+MSI GTX 1070Ti+G.Skill 32gb(2x16) 2933MHz 16CL+Samsung 960 evo 250GB+Corsair 650RMi

      got good airflow (2x 140 in front and 1x120 back + 1x120 top

      Please help :<

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          sebaremek, please tell us more:  OS (Command Prompt - winver), power supply, CPU Cooler.  You will need plenty of power.  A little too soon to assume a HW problem.   Do you have any minidumps ("C:\Windows\Minidump")?  If there are any files here, then compress the folder and post it here.  Tell us temperatures you are seeing especially with boost.  If Corsair 650 RMi is a 650 Watt supply, it is probably too weak.  Can you borrow a 750 Watt PS?  Enjoy, John.

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              I have Windows 10, power supply is Corsair 650RMi 650 Watt but everyone tells that it will handle it, they were wrong? CPU cooler is AMD Prism, a 2700x stock cooler. Temperatures were good like around 45 celsius and now in non-boost(3.7GHz) they are the same in idle, i cant even get some bigger temps on stress test in boost mode cuz its crash immediatly. I have no any minidump files in my PC(used searcher), should i make some test/screens/etc.? just tell me which one. I called to reseller and they said that its proably broken CPU and they want it on tests- should i send it to them? Unfortunetlly it will be hard to get 750W but i will try.