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vkCreateGraphicsPipelines crashes with specific SPIRV shaders starting with new driver versions (18.6.1)

Question asked by kd-11 on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by kd-11

This issue is likely related to vkCreateGraphicsPipeline hangs in driver with specific set of shaders


With the attached spir-v modules, amdvlk dll will crash with a read access violation. This is new behaviour not present in older drivers (it is not present with 18.5.1 for example, but 18.6.1 reliably crashes). It is also not limited to any specific generation of GPU, from pitcairn to polaris the crash is there. There are no complaints from the validation layers. The shaders are ripped from a much larger project (GitHub - RPCS3/rpcs3: PS3 emulator/debugger ) to isolate the crash. Rolling back to 18.5.1 fixes the problem, same as with Null dereference in vkQueuePresentKHR with the latest driver update (catalyst 18.6.1 + R9 270) [Isolated to multiGPU setup]

The spir-v is generated using glslang validator, glsl is attached as well. OpenGL works okay with the same shaders without issue, which makes me suspect the link with vkCreateGraphicsPipeline hangs in driver with specific set of shaders


If any more information is required, I can link to the appropriate code to demonstrate the crash, or compile a special build that tries to load only the affacted shaders.