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    R9 290x drops display and freezes


      Description of Issue: Randomly last Saturday my system started dropping display to one and sometimes both monitors.  This results in a system freeze (3s - 30s) where I cannot see or control anything.  There are no errors, but a hardware disconnect / connect sound is heard.  The system is not restarting or fully crashing.  The system experiences freezes and display drops when doing small tasks like navigating the web and also more significant freezes  and display drops when gaming.  I was running 18.4.1 when this started happening.


      Since then I've done some trouble shooting including testing new and previous drivers that were stable for my system in the past (always safemode DDU removals).  Drivers tested were 18.5.1, 18.6.1, 17.4.4, 17.11.1, 16.11.5.


      Hardware: R9 290x OC and other hardware is listed on GPU-Z.   The GPU is outside the RMA policy by a year.

      Software: 18.6.1 is what is currently installed


      Additional trouble shooting performed:

      New PSU purchased and installed, same symptoms

      OCCT benchmarking with no errors on CPU, GPU, and PSU test although the symptoms were apparent during all tests.

      Single Display and Dual Display tested same symptoms

      Monitor cables replaced same symptoms

      RAM check passed

      Downclocking tested same symptoms

      Graphics card bios updated same symptoms

      The issue does not occur with integrated graphics.


      Attached are images of GPU-Z for the most updated driver and 7 minutes of log time of brutal attempt to play Rocket League in HWiNFO64.


      I'm pretty much out of ideas at this point.  Any advice is welcome.  Thanks in advance for any help and advice here.