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    Really big problem, can't install any Radeon R9 M2XX series driver version


      Well after read a lot of post here and try it everything.... I decided to make a post....


      Well, the specs


      Win10 Home ver 1803 X64


      CPU: Intel I7 4710HQ 2.5Ghz


      Intel Graphics HD 4600 (integrated)  and Radeon R9 M265


      1TB HDD


      8GB RAM


      Its a fresh Win10 install with the 1803 version but with the upgraded from Win 8 I had the same problem since 5 month ago.


      Well the thing is that when I want to upgrade the drivers the laptop freeze at the same place every time and I have to do a hard reboot.


      When I reboot it the laptop stuck in a black screen always and i have to rollback the PC.


      I try to unistall AMD drivers at Safe Mode with the Unistall Utility from AMD, upgrade the Intel graphic card and then re-install AMD software but still freezing at the same point of the installation, during the Display Drivers


      I made a Hard reset with a fresh USB installing tool with the latest Win version (1803).When Im going to the Device Manager I noticed that there is only one adapter, the HD4600 and one unknow device, the Radeon R9 M265 without the drivers and anything, this is the ID hardware:







      I installed the manufacturer drivers (TOSHIBA), dissabled WinUpdate and update the Intel drivers from toshiba website because I can't install it 15.40 from Intel website.


      Then I try to install AMD Display Drivers from Toshiba website (Catalyst 13.0 xD) but again, yes again, stuck at the same point during Display Drivers installation, freezing my laptop but without the black screen at the reboot.....


      So I went into the Safe Mode and try to update the software using Device Manager and I was able to install the latest AMD Display Driver and the system recognized it as Radeon R9 M200 series, I thought, WOW the end of the nightmare!!!! but nope..... when i rebooted the computer AGAIN the black screen and i had to rollback again...


      Before the Falls Creators I had the Radeon well updated without problems then the nightmare began but I could hold the previous version..... but when April Creators released was diferent, because when the laptop tried to install the WinUpdate it froze like when I wanted to install the driver....after that, I had to do the Hard Reset and since then I have not been able to install anything


      so I dont know what I can do... because i tried all the posibilities I think.... and I cannot dissable the Radeon because I cannot acces in the normal mode


      Thanks for everything!