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black screen w 2400g and 18.5.1 drivers now with ADDED CORRUPTION

Question asked by norman$ on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by norman$

Hey- I've been troubleshooting the black screen thing and I think I'm maybe a bit different.  Cuz my boot drive gets hosed.   I am cross posting to the processors sub-forum too.

brand-new rig:

Ryzen 5 2400G,

gigabyte ax370 gaming 5, bios F23f

g.skill F4-3200C15D-16GVR (2x8GB sticks; test well in memtest; the below happens if at stock 2133/1.2v or 3200/1.35v, XMP or manual, or in between),

seasonic M12 II PSU,

mydigitalssd Nvme 480G (usual os drive),

Plextor M4Pro ssd (SATA/Cable; backup drive; has had win 10 before but not ATM),

hooked up to a TV w/ known-good HDMI cable.

All drivers on the gigabyte CD install just fine.  However, there is no video display controller in Device Manager that corresponds to the Vega units.  Only the windows basic driver shows up.  I believe the disc installs radeon driver 16.x, but it is not noticed by the OS.


When I try to install/update the video driver (using 18.5.1) the installer runs and eventually the screen goes dead after installing the driver...

Rebooting does NOT get me anywhere- when I'm "lucky" the screen goes dead after passing the bios/setup.  It may or may not actually load windows- can't tell.

Usually immediately, but sometimes after a try or two, it refuses to load windows.  I can get into the recovery environment but nothing I've tried works as advertised.


I've spent 2 weeks determining the cause... and its AMDs drivers or this specific chip/apu.


And just cuz I'm special- unlike others, I get my OS drive corrupted every single time I try to use radeon drivers.  Can't use a system restore point and all recovery options fail; nor can I reset.  chkdsk shows no errors/problems. 


The only thing that gets it working again is clean re-install. 


But I can't connect to the internet w that box- Win update grabs the driver and installs it whether I want it or not.  I am not aware of a way (other than keeping the machine offline) to keep windows from doing this.  So when I go online... black... so re-install, rinse, repeat.


Could this be the a faulty APU or crappy drivers?

I've RMA'd the mobo (it did die after a couple days of me beating on it), and am trying to get the same for the APU.  Also doing email support w AMD, gigabyte.


Any ideas?  Help?  Is phone support worth the time?