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Minecraft Not Using Dedicated Radeon GPU

Question asked by jadharvey on Jun 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2019 by matthew998

Hello, I just wanna ask what's going on in minecraft, of all the games I play in this pc, only minecraft is not affected with "switchable graphics"


I set the "minecraftlauncher.exe" and "javaw.exe" into high performance in Switchable Graphics

it's the only apps running in "Current Applications" as well in "recent application" when I close the game.

The AMD Radeon Settings says, it's running using Radeon 500 Series (RX 550 4GB GDDR5)

but when I check the shaders option in optifine, it says its using AMD R7 Graphics which is my integrated..

I checked the FPS it's stuttering and its true that it's using AMD R7 Graphics instead of my dedicated GPU...


What should I do? I already put it in high performance through switchable graphics and also created its own profile..

I don't have problem running CSGO, DOTA 2, LoL, Paladins and Overwatch but damn why minecraft is the only one running on R7 Graphics?

Even though I change it into High Performance on Switchable Graphics.


System Specs:

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)

Processor: AMD FX-9830P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G 3.00GHz

RAM: 12GB DDR4 2400MHz