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Is radeon wx 9100 driver source code published?

Question asked by wkailey on Jun 7, 2018

We have a commercial product that runs on a rack of Linux servers. Because of the GPL, our corporate legal department has determined that we cannot use Nvidia's GPU, because the driver is a kernel module (.ko) but software is not published (for which I do not blame Nvidia, so much as Gnu and our legal folks, but that's another story). So Legal is suggesting we use a Radeon GPU instead, and we have tentatively selected the WX 9100 as a rough equivalent of the Nvidia part we were going to use. So, because of the GPL licensing issue brought forward by our legal department, I need to know whether your product's driver is compatible with the GPL; and, as I understand our legal department's requirements, I believe that means either (1) it does not load as a kernel module, or (2) the source code is published.


Please comment on this?


Thank you.