Lisa Su confirms no 7nm Vega for Radeon series, will not compete against nVidia until 2019 with Navi

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Well this is bad news for everybody...Welcome back to the age of insane graphics card prices...


AMD 7nm Vega GPU

AMD’s CEO Lisa Su already crushed any glimmer of hope for a 7nm Vega card intended for gamers this year. The latest news straight from AMD confirms that, while multiple 7nm products are in various stages of validation and assembly, only server-side Radeon Instinct and EPYC servers will be getting the 7nm treatment this year.

AMD is already sampling the Radeon Instinct 7nm Vega card, and expects it to release before the end of 2018 - alongside the first Zen 2 7nm EPYC products. As for 7nm Radeon RX gaming GPUs, it’s looking hopeful that AMD is still on track for a 2019 launch.