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RX480 PS4 Remote Play Stuttering

Question asked by jasnoamd on Jun 3, 2018

Hi, I have an AMD Radeon RX480 and I am trying to use PS4 Remote Play.  Sometimes it works flawlessly, and sometimes it will hang up every 10 seconds indefinitely.  I'm connecting to the PS4 over a local network.  I've tried lowering all of the settings in Remote Play.  I've tried updating drivers, doing clean installs of drivers, and tweaking driver settings.  I don't believe the connection to the PS4 is the issue because I do not lose packets or have latency spikes when I monitor it, and only the video hangs up while the audio and control input continues to work.  This has happened on both my old PS4 and my newer PS4 Pro.


If I have PS4 Remote Play connected and I monitor Windows 10 task manager, I can see the "GPU decode" and 3D graphs drop to 0 every time there is a freeze (see screenshot).  If I monitor the graphs in Wattman, everything looks fine and the card is running at 50c.  I've not noticed this issue in any games on the PC.


Does anyone have any suggestions for additional things I could monitor, or additional troubleshooting steps to pinpoint the problem?  I use Remote Play pretty frequently and it's unplayable when this happens so it's pretty discouraging.