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Raven Ridge 2400G APU Split Screen Bug and Radeon 18.5.1 Drivers.

Question asked by sputnik on May 30, 2018
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CPU/GPU: Ryzen 2400G

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B350-F

OS: Windows 10

Monitor: Older Samsung LCD w/ DVI to DisplayPort adapter.


A few days ago I got a notification that new Radeon drivers were available (18.5.1) so went to install them. Halfway through the install my screen went black and wouldn't turn back on.


After some research I discovered that it might be a compatibility issue with my monitor, and that the computer itself might not be hanging/frozen like it appeared to have been. I hooked it up to an older LCD TV over HDMI and sure enough I could get a picture but the screen was all distorted. It was almost like it was split in half down the middle where the left-hand side was fine, but the right-hand side was a mirror image of the left with distortion. Also, if I moved the cursor into the right-hand side of the screen the entire thing would go gray and stay that way until a hard reboot.


Photo of the result.


I used DDU to wipe out the graphics drivers and when I rebooted the screen worked as usual on the TV, albeit with generic Windows display drivers. I should also mention that it wouldn't work on my original monitor anymore however.


So, thinking that it *might* be an HDMI/DisplayPort specification issue with newer drivers I went out and bought a new monitor to see if that would clear things up. In the photo above you can see that it did not when the 18.5.1 drivers were installed again.


I then installed the latest BIOS for my motherboard and also forced the Windows Spring Creators Update to install, and after each of those tried reinstalling the newest Radeon drivers, but nothing worked.


While getting the latest BIOS from Asus I noticed that they had a download for my motherboard's VGA drivers and it appeared as thought it was Radeon drivers, so I downloaded those thinking that's probably what I had installed previous to this whole mess. Once I got the files I saw that it appeared to be an install for the Radeon 17.7 drivers along with a folder called "Hotfix", so I tried installing the whole thing and it appears to worked with the following exceptions:


1) I'm not using the latest Radeon drivers and it appears I might never be able to update to them.

2) My old monitor still displays nothing, meaning I can't return the new monitor if it's not in fact the issue.

3) When I launch a game the colors go all wonky as long as the game is in full screen. The best example I can give is that things that should be orange, like a fire, are blue, and everything else seems to have an orangey green tone to it. I tried taking a screenshot of it but once I'm back into 2D mode the image looks fine. I saw some things online saying it might be the cable or the connection so I switched the new monitor from DisplayPort to HDMI and both cables and connections give me the same issue.


Anyway, that's where I am at right now without any more ideas.


Bought a new monitor, which I can't even say if I really need due to all the issues, have old drivers installed just so I can play a game, but the games look terrible when I play them anyways.


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