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    OpenGL ES SDK seems to be gone. Canonical way to create native ES contexts on Windows?


      Hey everybody!


      First, a minor issue: please whitelist me - I've been an orderly member since 2009.


      Now for the actual problem - please bear in mind that I currently don't have access to AMD hardware but I still need to make sure of cross-vendor capable code.


      While developing our in-house 3D engine and toolchain I stumbled upon the AMD peculiarity (or rather the everyone-else peculiarity if one is honest) that ES context creation is not exposed via WGL_EXT_create_context_es2_profile but via the above mentioned native SDK. The issue is: the former link is dead and there is nothing to be found on GPUOpen. I don't want to be forced to use ANGLE if I can have a perfectly valid, native context instead across vendors - having everything translated to D3D is especially cumbersome in debugging session with a frame debugger.


      Is it intentional that the SDK is not available anymore? Has its location been reassigned? Has there been a shift in strategy and the aforementioned extension is now supported?


      Thank you!


      P.S.: Any insight into why NVIDIA and Intel prefer exposing GLES via WGL instead of offering an EGL implementation would be very much appreciated!