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    No power option in AMD Catalyst


      Due to reasons involving the performance of some of my steam games I have been trying to change the power settings of my graphics card to allow better 3D performance. After looking online I was advised to install AMD Catalyst as it would give me access to the power settings. However after installing several versions none of them have the power option. My graphics card is a radeon HD 5450 and running windows 7. Which version of the software do I need to install to gain access to the power settings?


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          Is this a laptop? Power settings are only on desktop graphics.


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            Windows-7 desktop ? You shouldn't have any problems getting any of the drivers installed starting at the GPU's loaded firmware date:


            There is a way to manually check that but easiest way to head to the closet and grab the CD-Rom that was included with the gpu and install that driver package, if you dont see Desktop Options , but do notice other unique vender options, including the OEM Apps file , ( which will only be found on your physical CD driver disk ... that you will want to keep installed, there is rumors that such Vender Drivers are bad, i have found that false.


            anyways, download the next driver package that was available (after) your in-box CD, and upgrade. After that goes through now reboot, this will all be installed at same time that would be Install your Vender Drivers, Then upgrade to drivers above it Reboot. After getting back to desktop your now going to skip directly to last known released driver software suite, Again use upgrade, dont clean install and you should finanlly see all your missing options + all Vender optional features.


            Hope this helps, Win-7 is a great OS, currently only purchase boards that allow it, MSI has a great Win7 USB Creator Tool thats is aimed directly at Windows10, for everyone that still wants to use real PC's.


            Hope this helps, Peace.