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Hello, good afternoon, I hope you are well. The reason why I am here is this: I bought a graphics card (AMD RADEON HD 5450 DDR3 2GB PCI-E), but it happens that when I install it on my computer, my computer does not turn on or show video to the screen. I used to have an NVIDIA graphics card but I decided to switch to AMD but it turns out that the graphics card does not show me an image on the screen. First it goes like this: The computer turns on, then the fan and the components inside it turn on, fixing that the processor fan tries a little, after a few seconds (between 4 to 5 seconds), the computer beeps , first two years ago, then wait a second more and do two more, and then repeat it. And in the end, the computer stays on, the fan working but nothing that shows me signal. Some help?


My specifications:

Lenovo A55

Pentium 4 631 Cedar Mill 3GHZ

1.5 GB RAM

Power Supply of 280Watts


I tried the graphics card on another computer of a family member (Intel Pentium Dual) and the card worked perfectly, and our computers are not so different. They are almost the same. It has 1.5 GB RAM just like me.



What can be?