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2400g severe artifacts after Windows 10 April update

Question asked by damianprendergast on May 8, 2018
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I have had 2 months of hell with this 2400g. About a week ago I finally got rid of the freezes. Freesync still has to stay off or else the screen intermittently goes black, but at least it was servicable.


Now, Windows downloaded and installed the April Update and after launching fullscreen games such as Fortnight the colours are grossly distorted into crazy psychadelic shades but the geometry is preserved. When I quit, the desktop is like that too and I have to restart.


What I have tried:

uninstall drivers with DDU then:

1. install the February one from the AMD website: no change, so DDU again then

2. tried downloading new driver through the device manager: no change, so DDU again then

3. downloaded the April beta drivers in a zip file from the Microsoft update website and manually force installed them: no change.


What does work is rolling back. However, as the new update is aleady downloaded it automatically starts installing again and I can't stop it.

I have rescheduled the restart to happen in six days, although obviously if it crashes or is accidentally restarted then I will have to rollback again.

And in 10 days the option to rollback will disappear.


Anyone found a solution to this?


We really need updated drivers AMD. I am almost ready to buy an i3 and a 1050Ti.