Screen Corruption - Ryzen 2200G

Discussion created by ninegraves on May 2, 2018
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Hi AMD guys,


after the 1803 Update for windows 10 was rolled out the 3d mode of my 2200G's vega graphics is totally pixelated & wrong colored.


Installed the latest 2200G graphics driver; no effect. Installed older driver; no effect. Installed newest chipset driver pack; no effect - 3D mode still damaged.


In other words i cant play with my 2200G anymore until AMD decides to release an APU driver for the 2200G that supports this Windows 10 1803 version.


Please release a new supporting driver for 2200G APU's - thank you.




Edit: Image added so that you can see what iam talking about - this is how PUBG looks with Win 1803 on my Ryzen 2200G actually:




Before updating to 1803 everything was perfect - please AMD, fix that.


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