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    need help to reduce the heat my graphics card


      Hello, sorry for my english. I have a graphics card radeon rx vega 64. when i play games that ask for resources like unkow battelground player. it heats quickly to 80/83 steps in ultra. when she gets hot, I lose a lot of fps. my config: case AEROCOOL VS-4    MSI Z77A-G43    i5-3570 cpu @ 3.40ghz    16 ram    radeon rx vega 64     I have to change processor; motherboard and ram. to know what I have to do and change to cool my graphics card

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          This issue if you search the forums has been brought up many times. There are no official fixes for this nor has any eta ever been given on when the cards drivers will work at default speeds.


          The only things I have seen people say that may help is underclocking and/or under volting the card. Some say (again I have zero experience here) that doing this even though the card is running slower, it no longer overheats and throttles down thus actually improving performance.


          On my RX 580 I get similar issue but can resolve this with lowering the maximum temp on the temperature slider to 70. Vega users have reported that this does not help, you could certainly give that a try before down clocking.


          This AMD support article may help you: How to Tune GPU Performance Using Radeon Wattman and Radeon Chill