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    18.4.1 on Win10 1803 (and 1709) - FAIL


      Disabling the crossfire causes the system to stutter. This can be immediately noticed if you go into the parameters of Windows and try to enter different parameters. You can also try right-clicking on the desktop many times. The same slowing down occurs in MSI Afterburner.

      Mining does not work. After running the program, the graphics cards are heated more than at Windos 10 1709, and after a few minutes the Hashrate falls to 0. (GPU Workload - Compute)


      Do you even test your drivers?

      Windows 10 April 2018 Update (1803)

      Two MSI RX 470 Gaming X


      I returned to Windows 10 version 1709. There is no problem with cross-fire. But the Hashrate on the main video card still drops to 0. At 18.3.4, everything is fine.


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          I went back to the old beta blockchain drivers..


          I couldnt even use 18.4.1, kept getting Radeon settings version does not match driver version.. It wouldnt even load..


          Amd really needs to hire some real software engineers, from my understanding things have been broken sine 18.2.2...  I think amd uses interns so they dont have to pay them..

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            Same here. When I tried updating to 1803 my system BSOD'd and now after everything I'm wondering if having two GPU's installed has anything to do with it. In any case, after doing a FRESH install of 1803 on my system, I noticed that I started getting horrible stuttering/lag any time I clicked on anything or opened anything AFTER installing the newest AMD drivers. I used DDU to uninstall it and magically the problem went away. So I reinstalled the drivers and it came back again. Then I thought to try enabling crossfire and the stuttering has greatly improved. We shouldn't have to have it enabled by default, though. Even with it enabled, however, performance isn't the same since updating to 1803. I really hope AMD addresses this soon.