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    Both of my Wx 7100's are overheating and shutting off..What can fix this? Replacement?

      • AMD Graphics Card
        • Make and model; Wx 7100
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • Windows 10 64bit
      • Driver version installed
      •     Radeon™ Pro Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12.2
      • Display Devices
        • Make and model, Samsung CF591 1920x1080 @72Hz Active DP
      • Motherboard + Bios Revision
        • Make and model; msi m7
      • CPU/APU
        • Make and model number; intel 6700k
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        • Corsair 1200w
      • RAM
        • Amount of memory installed; 32GB








      I have two Wx 7100's and I have 12 140mm fans cooling my case that there in. I have had heat issues with these cards before but there getting so hot now that they shut off. What do I do?