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    Gigabyte Radeon RX 460 Fans at 4000RPM


      The video card's fans began to get random rpm, accelerating and decelerating all the time...

      And now stuck at 4000rpm or more, help please, that fan noise is driving me crazy!

      I rebooted the computer and it is already starting up with the fan at maximum.

      I tried adjusting in the amd settings and it doesn't change, you can see... rpm is at 4000!

      How can I fix it???

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      My pc specs:

      Gigabyte Radeon RX 460 2G

      i3 7100

      8g ram ddr4
      win10 64bits


      Radeon Software Version



      Driver Packaging Version

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          Check under "TASK MANAGER" and use "END TASK" to stop all instances of "RELIVE" . If the fans go back to normal that is your problem. The RX series cards seems to run at Maximum when RELIVE is enabled in Task Manager. Supposingly this was fixed in later drivers. If the problem continues post back again.


          This was the fix from a previous Thread:


          You can also try this solution from a previous thread. Seems like Relive tends to cause RX series GPU card to run at maximum at times. They basically ended the RELIVE task in Task manager. Afterwards the GPU went back to normal.

          Finaly! Thx a lot!  I thougt i am the only one!


          At HWMonitor, i have, from time to time, 100% and max GPU-Clock. After a few tests i did find the Problem:                            

          Firefox + Youtube (Only Fullscreen) + ReLife-Host/Desktop task.

          I did not have ReLive installed, but i have 17.12.2.

          After killing the ReLive task... 0% GPU use.


          How can i turn ReLive off ?

          I did rename the .exe ... but its just a workaround ?! (amddvr.exe  + amdow.exe)

          or the only way?


          Win10 64Bit

          Firefox 57.0.2

          XFX 580 D: 17.12.2

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              Today I turned on the computer and the rpm was no longer 100%, but I can not change the speed in wattman, so I installed msi afterburn and finally I control the fans. But 5 minutes later, the problem come back and the fans back to 4000rpm ç_ç

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                  Wattman will only conflict with Afterburner, they are both utilities fighting to do the same things in different ways. I suggest you uninstall it and you may then need to reinstall the AMD driver with a clean install to reset the registry as it should be. I have been having the same issue randomly for days. Since I ran this driver for weeks without this happening, I have to believe another Windows update is causing this change, since this driver wasn't doing this for the first few weeks. I go to task manager and kill the relive task, and it auto restarts relive again and is fine.

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                      Even on the motherboard bios screen, the fans are already spinning at maximum. Even formatting the pc continues same thing

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                          It is normal for the fans to spin until the driver loads in Windows. This is how most cards work. When the driver loads and the reads the sensors on the card then it will shut the fans down or to a lower setting if the temperature dictates. What is happening for some of us is that the GPU is getting stuck at 100% usage thus running the fans at full speed. I have yet to encounter this ever at startup only after getting hung in a game or playing a video.

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                              but my gpu isn't stuck at 100% usage '-'... just the fans

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                                  Have you contacted the maker of your card about your suspected malfunction at all? They would be able to give you the best advice and offer an RMA if they suspect a failure of some sort?

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                                      The RMA is just 1 year... The card have 1 year and 2 months :s


                                      And... Now jsut stop work... No video and fans still 100%... Also, when I plug the hdmi cable on onboard video, the PC is on, working by hd graphics but the gpu still spining at 100%, *** is this?

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                                          Sounds like a hardware failure to me. Have you tried the card in another pc to see if it behaves differently. I would try that. You could see if you could get a hold of someone higher up the ladder at cards manufacturer. You are just 2 months past warranty, maybe they would still do something. 14 months is really bad. Next time buy a card with a longer warranty or purchase an aftermarket warranty, they are pretty cheap. About 30% of the cards I have had, have had some issue in 2 years. Don't think AMD is going to have an answer for you, they didn't make your card, just the chip, that they sold to your cards maker, not you. Your issue unfortunately is with the cards maker. The people you are talking to in this forum are users like you, we are not AMD employees. If you need to contact AMD you need to open a support ticket: Email Form

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                                            According to Gigabyte Support website : Warranty - GIGABYTE U.S.A. . Your Graphics card has a 3 year warranty on it at in N.America.




                                            Product ItemWarranty
                                            Motherboard3 Years
                                            Video Card3 Years
                                            BRIX Barebone3 Years
                                            BRIX PC (Complete System)1 Year
                                            Server Board3 Years
                                            Server System2 Years
                                            Keyboard / Mouse / Headset2 Years
                                            Notebook*1-2 Years
                                            Slate PC / Netbook1 Year
                                            Chassis1 Year
                                            Wireless / Networking Products1 Year
                                            All Refurbished Products90 Days



                                            • The above warranty policy applies only to North America region customers located in North America.
                                            • Other regions' policy may differ. Please contact your country's distributor if located outside of North America.
                                            • All items need to be authorized with RMA number prior to shipping to GIGABYTE. Customers are responsible for one-way shipping to GIGABYTE.
                                            • GIGABYTE is not responsible for any shipping damages during transit, customer induced physical damages and/or non-GIGABYTE branded products.
                                            • All RMA / Returns are only accepted at GIGABYTE, 17358 Railroad St., City of Industry, CA 91748.
                                            * If you would like to know the detail of Notebook, please follow this link: http://www.gigabyte.us/Support/Warranty/Laptop