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    Artifacts on youtube videos


      My system:

      MSI B350 Tomahawk Plus (MS-7B36) / BIOS DATE: 03/21/18 12:56:45 VER: V1.60

      AMD Ryzen 5 2400g

      16GB RAM (8+8) @ 2993MHz

      Windows 10 64bit with all latest updates

      AOC I2475PXQU 1920x1080@60Hz DVI

      Driver Packaging Version 17.40.3701-180206a-324287C-ATI

      Radeon Software Version 17.7


      My issue:

      I have recently installed win 10 on my new PC, then I've downloaded and installed AMD drivers. When I'm watching youtube videos and using rewind/skip with mouse or with left/right arrow keys there are some artifacts which are dissapearing in 3-10 seconds. It's no matter fullscreen or not, no matter which browser I'm using. Everything else works fine, no issues with videos on local drive, no issues with games.


      One important thing: after turning off harware acceleration in browser there are no artifacts, but hd 60fps videos becomes laggy (obviously because of software acceleration). What should I do to fix it?