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Windows Task Manager not showing the dedicated GPU

Question asked by frusciante54 on Apr 7, 2018

I have;

A10-9600p CPU

R8 M445DX GPU.(with 2 gb's of dedicated VRAM)


When I look at the task manager in Windows, I see 2 graphics cards. But both of them say R5 and both of those show 512 mb of VRAM.

Before you say that it is tied to R5 GPU, I know that. And I get that there is an R5 GPU showing there, but what about the second one? Why is the second one not showing the correct, 2 gb's of VRAM?

Is there a problem with me or is this normal? I'm suspecting that there is a problem with me because I'm not getting the FPS that I was hoping for. Around 35 FPS in Skyrim on high settings, which I think should be higher for this GPU.


First GPU:

Second GPU: