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How to fix game stutter on Windows 10 Creators Update / Possible BF1 fix

Question asked by kingfish on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by pokester

Although this is a previous Win10 version...maybe the 'fix' will work on the latest.

"I have tested this thoroughly and it is 100% the cause of my stutters on the creators updates (especially noticeable in games like BF1).

Once the free memory is exhausted then performance takes a big hit, games with heavy caching like BF1 suffer horribly. The only way I could fix previously was restarting the computer (thus clearing the memory), which explains why it was only happening after a while and not on a fresh boot.

I have a permanent solution that keeps memory free at all times. I don't know what MS changed, but this didn't happen on 1607.

This totally fixes my system stutters on the creators.

  1. Download EmptyStandbyList and put it somewhere where you won't move it
  2. Right click > Properties and select Run as Admin under compatibility.
  3. Open Task Scheduler > Create Task on the far right
  4. General Tab (give it a name). Under security options > Change user or group > Advanced > Find Now > go down and choose SYSTEM (important to make it run silently in the background). Tick 'Run with highest privileges' and 'Hidden' at the bottom. Pictures here
  5. Triggers tab > New > On a schedule > One Time. Tick repeat task every 5 minutes (possibly excessive but it causes no issues). Also choose 'for the duration of: indefinitely'
  6. Actions tab > Start A program > Point to the EmptyStandbyList.exe file.
  7. Done! Standby memory is automatically cleared every 5mins.

I hope MS will come up with a fix, but if you have a similar issue/performance degradation over time - try this. Many on the nvidia forums have said it also fixes their issues."