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AMD ReLive interfering with Ctrl + Shift + [letter] shortcuts in other apps

Question asked by ritchie on Mar 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by qjake

I was having issues with my Visual Studio and Notepad++ because a commonly used shortcut stopped working. Ctrl+Shift+L is a delete line shortcut. ReLive doesn't use this exact shortcut but it seems to capture and block the shortcut from passing to other apps - even when ReLive is disabled/turned off (but still installed).


ReLive Settings.PNG


I raised this issue with Microsoft thinking it was an issue with VS2017


If you disable the 2 ReLive background processes: AMD ReLive: Desktop Overlay and AMD ReLive: Host Application - in that order otherwise they restart



As soon as that is done, Ctrl+Shift+L will work again.


Please fix, otherwise ReLive will have to be uninstalled.