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    Ryzen 2400 Graphics Issue


      Good Morning,


      I'm at the end of my rope here and have exhausted all of my, admittedly, limited ideas on how to fix my issue. I have attempted to put together the following build:

      Ryzen 2400g

      ASRck AB350M Pro 4

      EVGA G3 650

      Corsair Vengeance LPX 8gb (2x4) (running at default 2133)

      ASUS PCE-AC55BT/Wireless Card (PCIe)

      IO Crest 4-port SATA 3 PCIe

      SanDisk 240gb ssd


      I have put this thing together, ripped it apart, and reinstalled windows probably 15 times by now. Every single time I get the AMD gpu drivers installed, my monitor does this weird split-screen thing (see attached). I have tried running AMD's uninstall to do a clean driver sweep and DDU and every time it gets back to installing the AMD software, this problem comes back up. I have RMA'd my first APU from Amazon, returned and replaced the MOBO and I'm still getting the issues. It's clearly, to me, a software problem that I cannot figure out. The display works fine, connected to my laptop without issue, and is currently functioning on the windows generic display gpu.


      Any ideas? I did get it to work for about a day or two and then it seemingly went to sleep and woke up with this problem. TYIA!

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          At Asrock Support you have some new BIOS and AMD Chipset Updates:


          BIOS - 4.70 - 03/06/2018

          AMD All-in-One Driver - 17.40 - 01/22/2018


          Updating these may help the latest AMD Drivers to be more compatible with the APU and Motherboard.


          Your Ryzen 5 -2400g requires BIOS P4.50 installed or later versions.


          By your image it looks like a configuration problem with the Display settings under Radeon or Windows 10. It is as though the display is too large to be shown at one time so it splits the display.


          How is your monitor connected to the GPU card?


          Try  disabling "Fast Start" in Control Panel under Power Options -System Settings. This seems to cause many problems.


          What does Windows 10 Settings under "Display" shows Default and under what Resolution?  What does Radeon Setting show under Display?


          Try this basic method of uninstalling and reinstalling AMD Drivers.


          First download the correct Full AMD driver set from AMD Support for your Desktop


          Make sure your Windows 10 is fully updated via Windows Update (including Optionals).


          Disconnect the Internet from your computer to prevent it from installing a different GPU Driver than the one you are installing.


          Use Windows 10 Uninstall to uninstall all AMD Drivers and software. Then use DDU in safe mode to completely eliminate all traces of the old AMD drivers and software related to the GPU.


          Delete C:\AMD Folder. This prevents New and Old AMD driver files from installing and corrupting the installation process.


          After rebooting from DDU, Reinstall the new AMD Full set of drivers. If it installed correctly, again delete C:\AMD folder to save Hard Disk space and reconnect to the Internet.

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            Try some different display settings in radeon settings. Also update the latest chipset and vga drivers.

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              I have your answer, and you will not like it


              I suggest making sure that you have your power button option set to shut down your PC incase your screen vanishes like mine has before you turn off your PC.  Then you need to pull your 4x PCIE card, turn your PC on, problem gone, put card back, problem comes back.!


              I know this because I have (this gets confusing fast) 2x, PCIE 2 x2 cards each providing me with 4x SATA ports, I also have 2x separate PCIE x1 NIC's.


              I first discovered this after building my new server using the Ryzen 2200G and the ASRock AB350 PRO4 motherboard.


              My testing, 1 of the PCIE x2 storage crads in euither of the (physical PCIE x16) slots and I get a screen bifurcation, followed by the right side going to the solid desktop colour and then the left side screwing up, it did this on a clean fresh W10 x64 Home N (EU version) install with drivers from the CD, as well as from a fullupgraded W10 using Windows installed drivers.


              Putting the storage cards in and out (for testing) didn't seem to wreck the OS and likewise the add-in NIC's. I also have an old x4 PCIE2 "RAID" controller (glorified software RAID) that served me well (now retired but known to function as I used it last week), a Highpoint RocketRaid 2320, also did the same thing.!  Interestingly, the screen screwed up once when I was moving data across the network, the server continued to function correctly, just without any display.


              I found this thread whilst looking for PCIE lane bifurcation and whether Ryzen supports PCIE 2x cards at all.? Now it looks like it might be x4 cards as well, AND / OR both the ASRock AB350M-PRO4 and the AB350-PRO4.  Or even the new Ryzen APU's.! more on that... The last thing I did on this build was to try and upgrade the BIOS / UEFI and it reccomendd going back to an older version...... so a short while later I ordered the cheapest AM4 CPU with graphics I could, so I can then upgrade the BIOS / UEFI to one in which my Ryzen 2200G will function (I had to pull my 1700X from my main PC to get this mobo up and running and I will spend £45 to not have to do that again!).


              So I now have a new AMD A6-9500 APU on its way, which I will first and foremost test with the above mention cards and build, I will report back sometime tomorrow evening UK time.

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                Here, try this. Create a text file with the following content:

                @echo off

                REG ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000 /v DalForceSingleDispPipeSplit /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

                Finally, save and execute as "Patch.CMD". The entry is changed or added in the Windows registry.

                Solved my split-screen problem.

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                  An update, with the A6-9500 installed I was able to flash my BIOS / UEFI to the latest (1.07, was previously 1.06).


                  My system is now as follows:
                  ASRock AB350-Pro4
                  AMD A6-9500
                  2x 4GB cheapest Crucial
                  2x PCIE 2, x2 cards each proving 4x SATA ports.
                  1x PCIE Gigabit NIC.
                  1x PCIE WiFi NIC
                  W10 Home x64


                  I have not installed any settings in the BIOS / UEFI or within windows and I have had zero graphical issues and all cards appear to be functioning, (but have not been tested).


                  I will update further tomorrow after more testing and more testing with the 2200G again.


                  Right now this is looking like my fix, I do not need the CPU power or GPU power, and this works and is cheaper, anyone want to buy a barely used 2200G.?


                  ADDENDUM: Windows update is now installing the GPU drivers. All works perfectly, will try a GPU swap tomorrow after testing the rest of the system.

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                    I believe I have a BIOS option change that has fixed the issue with my 2200G and all cards installed, and zero software changes or other changes bar the swap back to the ZEN CPU.


                    Need to test all cards, reboot a few times and of course relay to you the BIOS / UEFI changes that I made (I was testing 1 at a time), so I am pretty confident "pre-testing" that I have found a working fix.


                    UPDATE: It seems that the BIOS / UEFI fix has worked for me, I cant log in at the moment to find out exactly what and where the changes need to be made.


                    Roughly, they are in Advanced > sub menu > PCIE settings for CPU and SB.  I set both to run at PCIE 2.0 (other options are PCIE 1.0 and (AUTO, which is the default).


                    Problem fixed on a reboot

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                      I have the same exact issue on an Asrock x370 fatality itx/ac motherboard with a 2400G CPU. BIOS version is 4.60 and all settings are left untouched (by default)

                      The card I am plugging on the PCI-E port is a Revodrive 3 X2 240GB SSD (which runs at PCI-E 2.0 x4). SSD is showing up fine and can be accessed.


                      I haven't tried the workarounds in this thread yet but looks like there's a working solution (will try later when I have access to the machine). It would be nice if asrock (sounds like a motherboard issue) could fix it without having people mess with their BIOS settings though.