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Cracking sound displayport RX 580 widescreen high resolution

Question asked by dyna on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by pokester

dear support.


I bought a new RX 580 to feed my new LG Ultrawide 38UC99 and everything works nice, sharp and smooth on the Display port connection.


There is 1 issue however. When using the sound connection on the display port, it gives cracking sound every now and then. Especially when there is some extra processing going on.

I've tried everything to fix it, changing cables, changing slots to changing memory.


In the end I had to conclude it had something to do with the Video card itself.

I nailed it down some power settings that I can tweak (Global wattman).


To my surprise, the issues are gone when I set the minimum state to State 1 instead of the State 0.

Unfortunately, these settings are lost after every reboot.


Can you provide a trick or an update to your software to bypass this issue? It seems that your minimum settings are not stable enough for widescreen usages.