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Adrenaline 18.3.3 Beta drivers Feedback - Radeon RX580 - Common Bugs

Question asked by juanmamedina on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by juanmamedina

Hello, i want to contact with the "AMD's Drivers Support Team" to tell them some minor but anoying bugs and posible improvements that i have found in Adrenaline drivers versions:


- Bug nº1: Wattman profiles only Works in the global tab. When i use wattman for some specific game profile (I.E. Fallout 4) it Works the first launch, the overclock is aplyed. But if i restart the computer the drivers don't aply the OC Wattman profile in that specific game, so i have to go to radeon settings, rollback profile changes and do it again. So im forced to use wattman only in the global settings. I would like to use underclocked settings for some games like CS GO and overclocked settings for other games like Ghost Recon Wildlands.


- Bug nº2: Radeon Chill specific game configs not working properly. When i adjust the min and max chill for any game. It usually ignores the config and Chill ALL GAMES, with a range from 70-100 fps, instead of my configurated 60-80 fps.


- Bug nº3: Radeon Settings Frame Rate Limit Controll not working when vSync is enabled. I allways enable vSync in AAA games, but sometimes that games doesnt run rock solid 60 fps. So i like to cap fps to 30-45 to avoid fps fluctuations. To do it with radeon settings i have to disable vSync but the tearing kills me, so i have to use an external app like RadeonPro or Rivatuner to cap fps properly.


- Bug nº4: Radeon Settings GPU usage overlay monitoring not working. When i enable the radeon settings performance monitor overlay with gpu usage it constantly jump from 0% to 100% without any intermediate value. That information is obviously wrong, because when i use MSI Afterburner monitor it says  70-95% gpu usage. That problem was solved in MSI afterburning by enabling the "Unified GPU Usage Monitor" in general tab.


- Bug nº5: MSAA Overide Option and Morphological AA aren't working. I was going to enable built-in driver AA for Killing floor 2 when i realized that those AA options wasnt working. I tryed them in League of Legends with any results. It used to work in LOL with crimson drivers. MSAA setting has never worked for me.


- Improvement nº1: I would like to monitor Frame Time too. Without MSI afterburner, its impossible to see frame times with an overlay inside a game. Would be great if radeon settings had it in the supervisión tab.


- Improvement nº2: There is not a decent postprocessing AA option inside radeon settings. I use RadeonPro to force FXAA or SMAA in some games like Killing Floor 2 that seems to be jaggy for the lack of a properly AA option. I know that fxaa is a Nvidia AA, but it would be great if AMD implementate some AA options for games like TSSAA, TAA, MLAA, SMAA, etc. (Morphological AA isnt actually working and looks too blury).