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radeon RX 550 2d speed

Question asked by jumpingjackflash5 on Mar 23, 2018
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i had for long time radeon 7750 and used gputweak utility to raise 2d speed to 400 Mhz. Now I pruchased Sapphie RX 550 2 GB which is great card. But has by default only 200 MHz clock in 2d. The desktop runs very well, but if I run some 3d application in window and the gpu is clocked higher it is more smooth.


Do you know any other utility than ClockBlocker that can let me set the frequency for 2d mode (or simply basic frequency) e.g. to 400 MHz ? ClockBlocker just stops the throttling which can be good but makes the card run much hotter. It would be enough for me to have e.g. 400 MHz. Also ClockBlocker runs in realtime with high priority which can harm other applications' performance.


It is big shame, that AMD's Wattman cannot simply set the lowest frequency (within some limits) the same way as it possibly (I do not use it) can change the top frequencies.


AMD makes great GPUs but this is really a problem that should be resolved for their customers. I think that it would not be so hard to do it in the drivers ..... At it would greatly help to those users that demand top performace on their desktop and graphic acceleration of e.g. browser, youtube and Office which usually does not trigger the throttling up but still it is a performance advantage is the frequency can be raised.


Thanks for any hints.