Can AMD help me with my warranty case ?

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For short:

My ryzen crashed more and more older it got and motherboard's CPU light lit on every time after crash. Had to hard reset (quit electricity from PSU) in order to get it running again. I sent my processor to warranty but either seller or retailer bent few pins (AND YES from the middle ahahahaha).  (i personally blame seller - since there have negative feedback all over internet about them)

[only if i knew they were untrustworthy before ordering]

I BOUGHT new processor (1800X) no more crashes.


For long:

I bought 1700X year ago and received defective product (first i thought it might be some firmware bug so i waited for motherboard updates).


It started to crash more and more after every update and older it got so i started questioning that the processor might be defective (it always crashed to CPU fault light on) Sometimes even from desktop with no activity.
So i bought new motherboard for tests. Nothing didn't change so i sent my processor to warranty.

Time passed. 1week. 2weeks. 1month. So i bought new processor. After 2months they replied. "Your item has physical defect"


Emails they sent me shows that cdon have opened and read the serial number (since i didn't provide it to them directly) [they also said its fine. "we can read it from product before sending to retailer"]. Also CDON re-packed it. Probably very poorly when they sent it to retailer. Not sure they wanna confess that one anymore. Seems their story changes after every email lol.


Their Retailer: (their site seems to be down at the moment)



I packed it very well. (I actually packed it way over-sized packet. Bubble wrapped and packet-in-packet). And Finnish post confirms packet was delivered unharmed to seller. Also CDON confirms packet was delivered in one piece. They just won't take any responsibility about their actions. I have proven that in my packet CPU could not be harmed at any way. I also used one of my backup processors and made worst possible packet i can imagine, then kicked it, drop it from drone, threw it out of window from moving car. I just cant bend those pins in any packet. Only way i could bend those pins was with screwdriver.


I already made complain to Finnish government "customers protection" center but that process might take a year. So i thought maybe AMD layers or something can squeeze juices out of CDON or something.



Can AMD help me anyhow with this case ?

If this was not right place to ask please provide me email of someone i can talk to please ? I don't want to lose my money.