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Freesync "not supported" when everything is set up? (R9 280X)

Question asked by jpolo111 on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by jpolo111

Describe your system:

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • AMD Sapphire Radeon R9 280X
  • Desktop/Laptop & Operating System
    • Desktop Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • Radeon Software Adrenaline 18.3.3
  • Display Devices
    • MSI Optix AG32C  DP connection Cert. Cable
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • MSI 970A-G43  Bios Version A.50
    • AMD FX 6350
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • 650 W Gold
  • RAM
    • 16GB

Describe your issue:


Freesync is "not supported" for some reason (see screenshot attachment).  I have enabled it on the monitor's onboard settings, I have also enabled both 144hz & 165Hz refresh rate for the monitor on my windows display settings. I updated all drivers as well.  And I just don't know why I'm having an issue. If anyone has some suggestions I'd really appreciate it.


Things I've tried (will keep this updated):


-On-Board Monitor's Freesync Setting set to: ON

-Windows Display Settings set to 144Hz and also tried 165Hz.

-Completely removed old graphics driver with DDU (safemode, etc. everything per instructions) and reinstalled fresh copy then updated new copy.

-Checked for windows updates.

-Ran a disk check to look for windows file errors.

-Deleted Generic PnP Monitor Driver (what was given to the monitor) then reinstalled it.

-Tried different DisplayPort cables (1 that came with monitor and another certified one I bought separately) - Same issue.


Problem Solved:

-the 280x (i just finally found the exact model of my card) is actually one of the few 200 series cards that does not support freesync. womp womp.



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