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    Black Screen, Blue Screen, and graphical corruption


      I am aware that many people are experiencing similar issues, I figure I would just add to the pile. That, and my issue does have some differences.


      Card abruptly started experiencing a black screen issue a few days after upgrading to the radeon software adrenalin 18.2.3 driver update.

      System often will display green or yellow graphical corruption, sometimes even in the Bios screen. Once system has booted into Windows, the screen will randomly turn black and the system will become unresponsive. Sometimes a BSOD error will occur citing atikmpag.sys as the cause of the error, other times the screen will simply remain black. In some cases the GPU fan will ramp up to 100% making tremendous noise. I do not need to be running a game or 3D application for this issue to effect me.


      Attempting to use DDU to uninstall drivers and rollback to previous drivers have no effect. Have tried 18.2.3, 18.2.1, 17.12.2, 17.12.1, and 17.9.1. All experience this issue.


      Disabling the Display Driver in Device Manager in Safe Mode and then restarting stopped the graphical corruption, as well as stopped the black screening, however this leaves the graphics card unusable for 3D applications. The fact that the card no longer causes errors when drivers are disabled or uninstalled leads me to believe this is a driver or, more likely, a firmware issue.


      I have seen instructions for fixing BSOD issues concerning atikmag.sys that involve unpacking atikmag.sy files using CMD prompt, then copying them to the windows system 32 folder, however this has not worked.


      Some people have had success using wattman to help resolve similar issues, but my card does not support wattman.


      When i attempt to run DISM, I get an error message: The restore health option is not recognized in this context


      This is such a terrible time to have a video card fail as well.

      System specs:

      Windows 7 x64

      Corsair HX 850

      Intel  i7-6700k

      Asus Maximus VIII

      Asus Radeon R9 290

      Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz


      edit: as soon as i reported this to AMD I started getting the graphical corruption even without drivers installed, so maybe it's not a driver issue, maybe my card is simply failing. I decided to buy an Nvidia GTX 1060. It barely qualifies as an upgrade, and it cost me $350 but I can't afford much better. In-fact, I really can't afford this, but I need a working graphics card, and it doesn't sound likely that a solution will come about any time soon. If anyone has a solution before I open the card, it will arrive Friday, then I'll send it back for a refund, cause I really need the cash.

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          i'm having the same issue. but the problem is, can you fix. I have a stock 290X, that came with two modes silent then UBUR. ubur is on by default on aftermarket cards. all that happening is graphical corruption. but the switch to silent mode fix it.

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            I have a question. Back in the old days you used to update the drivers and firmware on a card separately. Do drivers now update the firmware automatically? I ask this because, even after uninstalling the drivers, I am experiencing issues, though they are substantially less severe. Rolling back to older drivers did not help, this implies that something has permanently been changed. Firmware is one of the ideas I've had. If there is a way to change firmware, I believe manually rolling back the firmware (assuming the drivers automatically updated it) is worth trying.


            edit: AAARGH. Amazon cancelled my order due to availability. Earliest I can get it is next week now, and I have to pay more. I hate crypto BS.

            edit2: Graphical corruption got so bad I had to pull out my graphics card. Since Amazon cancelled my order, the only thing I had on had was a Geforce 8600 GT. This card literally will not even run games. Just for laughs I decided to try and load Dark Souls III, and the window just automatically closes with no error msg. This thing is so ancient. This thing sucks so hard.

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              Having similar problems not so severe but my graphics are flashing green and black corruption.  So this is a driver issue?  Any word from AMD proper on fix ?

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                  i went to my Bios and looked into my settings. on PCI gen, it was sent to auto, i set it to gen three and all probs was fixed. but i also installed drivers from 2015 i had saved on my pc, had this card for since 2015. then after that. it ran fine. maybe drivers updated bios and it makes the motherboards auto system seem like its gen 1, because for some reason it was not getting gen 3 by itself by what the motherboard was doing. as i know of, your Bios is updated with updates to drivers. go to your motherboard settings to make sure it set to gen 3. that seem to fix my prob.

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