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2400g solid green screen crash with no text.

Question asked by white_rogue on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by damianprendergast

Built a budget desktop for my kids:

2400g w/ stock cooling

8gb G Skill Aegis single stick

Gigabyte B350 gaming 3

WD Blue 1tb

Corsair VS 500

Windows 10 Pro

17.7 AMD drivers

Bios is F22 (most recent and supports Raven Ridge)


When they try and play Minecraft after about 15 minutes the screen turns solid green and the computer freezes. The highest temp I've seen on CPU or GPU is around 40c. Tried it on multiple monitors but all the same. uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers and updated everything related. looking for hopefully a quick fix, kind of hard to explain to them why it doesn't just work when in my opinion it should. Havent tried any other games yet because I'm trying to keep it offline and I don't want steam on there.