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    Error when installing new driver


      I am trying to update my drivers, since Windows 10 isn't compatible with my current ones. Unfortunately, they end up bugging out or going wrong so then it doesn't install the driver.


      AMD HD 7700 Series - Driver version 17.7
      16 GB HDDR5 RAM
      AMD Fx Quad Core 4300
      Windows 10 64 bit

        • Re: Error when installing new driver

          If your computer is a DESKTOP with a HD 7700 AMD GPU Card installed. This is the latest driver for your GPU card: Desktop .


          If it is a laptop, you need to post more information. Also if Desktop, what Make & Model of PSU and Motherboard are you using?


          When you install the new Full set of AMD driver set be sure to use DDU in safe mode to remove all traces of the previous AMD driver set and delete C:\AMD folder and be sure that Windows 10 is fully updated via Windows update.