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Download link for Radeon Pro driver for Windows 7 points to Windows 10 drivers

Question asked by dealio on Feb 17, 2018

I have a new Radeon Pro WX5100 graphics card that I've installed into my Windows 7 Pro x64 machine. No CD came with the card, though it was in what appears to be AMD packaging, so it's legit. On the driver download page for Adrenalin Edition Radeon Pro drivers, the download link for Windows 7 Pro lands on a page that says the drivers are for Windows 10 64-bit. When I backtrack to the original page and select the download link for Windows 10 drivers, it appears to be the same page and the driver package size is the same size, 462 MB.


Is the page for Windows 7 Pro driver download just mislabeled? Or is the driver package for Windows 7 and Windows 10 the same package? Or are the Windows 7 Pro drivers somewhere else?


The link I used is on this page: under the Adrenalin Edition section.