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    Does AMD µProf log GPU power per process?



      I'm interesting can AMDPowerProfiler log GPU power consumption per process?


      Or may somebody share output of AMDPowerProfiler on Ryzen 2200G/2400G or some Radeon (some GPU activity is need as described in docs)?


      Example of command line:

      "C:\Program Files\AMD\AMDµProf\bin\AMDPowerProfiler.exe"  collect --process --output %HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%\%USERNAME%\Desktop\PowerOutput.csv --duration 1

      Generated Power Profile report file - C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\PowerOutput.csv

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          Hi oneumyvakin,


          We do not support integrated graphics or discrete graphics process level profiling. However, for CPUs or APUs, we are providing source-level power profiling in this release. Please check out our new GUI or AMDuProfCLI.exe and let me know if you require more detailed information.

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              Hi Jesse, thanks for sharing this.


              I've one more question, in new AMDuProfCLI.exe there are report for "power"  config which I've get with


              AMDuProfCLI.exe collect  --config power --system-wide --output .\Results --duration 1


              ALL PROCESSES (Sort Event - Energy)

              PROCESS,"Energy" (milli Joules),"CPU Time" (seconds)

              System Idle (PID - 0),6646.871,13.335

              C:\WINDOWS\system32\SearchIndexer.exe (PID - 9788),2837.709,0.831

              C:\WINDOWS\system32\SearchProtocolHost.exe (PID - 12692),28.183,0.075

              C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvContainer\nvcontainer.exe (PID - 19656),14.118,0.004

              MsMpEng.exe (PID - 4136),7.007,0.016

              System (PID - 4),6.503,0.020


              Could you please share how "milli Joules" per process values are computing?

              Is there some kind of formula which compute it from "CPU Time" or "CPU Usage"?

              I've asking because I've never seen that any other tools can provide such info.