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FX-8320 Memory controller fail

Question asked by avatarat on Feb 12, 2018


My setup is:



2x4gb ddr3-1600 corsair vengeance cl9 clocked at 1600MHz and 1866MHz

SSD A-data



Last week my system start to crash with BSOD, freezing etc.

I start to test with Prime 95, Aida 64 and OverDrive. First two back no errors for few min. testing but OverDrive got error Memory controller fail after few seconds.

So I move this two RAM sticks from slots A to slots B.

BSOD and freezing stop but OverDrive still find this error, memory controller fail.

So I bought other RAM kit 2x8gb team xtreme Vulcan ddr3 2133 cl11 and I use it again at 1333MHz, 1866MHz and 2133MHz

But the problem continues.


Every test I did are after BIOS default settings.


So my question is - where can be the problem in motherboard slots or in the CPU memory controller ?

And if my problem is in the CPU do I need to RMA it and how to do it ?